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You had me at Holly

I know, I know, “It’s only the second week of November”; “If you start now you’ll peak too early”; “Have you not heard of festive fatigue?” “It gets earlier and earlier every year” blah, blah, blah. The moment the holly, hawthorn and snowberries popped out of the hedgerows, I got that tingly, Christmas-y feeling and if Instagram posts are anything to go by, there’s a whole host of us out there. Move over picturesque images of Autumn leaves, it’s time for garish garlands, woolly hats, tinsel, stags, baubles and toadstools (the next big thing). It’s been 16 years (of living overseas) since we had a whole holiday season in England so this Christmas,  I am going unashamedly all out. Here’s my  ‘to do and done’ list:

Christmas Panto
Booked.  We are going, en masse, to see Dick Whittington and his cat at the Regal, Tenbury

Advent calendars
Chocolate, naturally. And I might just have to buy the gingerbread one spotted this week at the Ludlow Food Centre – it has quite a hefty price tag but no doubt LFC has its very own elves involved in the making and production!

55880931 - cozy vintage home decoration: warm interior night light, books and candles on an old wooden board background.

Christmas Décor
Inspired by Pinterest, my mantelpiece now resembles Poundbury, weighed down as it is by a whole town of Scandi-style, ceramic house tea-light holders.  Not-so-subtle notes of pine cone and mulled wine will be all-pervasive in my home throughout December, tastefully topped with Servaire & Co candle carousels.

Indoor, aside from the traditional fir-tree bedecked by the Little Edits,  we’re also having a light-up version from Cox & Cox, burdened down with owls, robins and other fluffy birds and I shall head out to the hedgerows to harvest bags and bags of holly.  Outdoor, and, because you can’t be too tasteful, LED light-up penguins from Dunelm (at least three, one would look forlorn), will be placed along the garden path.


Christmas Cake
Ordered and collected. Thank you good friend, Sprinkles (@mandyroche2), working mum and cake decorator extraordinaire.

Christmas Drinks Party
Invites distributed and canapés already outsourced to the amazing Katie,

Christmas Gifts & Wrapping
Last year, I tried the ‘handcrafted stamp’ look but it looked as though I had delegated my gift wrapping to a three-year old.  This year, I am liking the ‘brown paper/butcher’s twine/stag’s head tags’ look as seen in the latest issue of Red magazine.

Little Edits’ presents: already delivered by Amazon Prime – where would we be without it??

Friends and family gifts: for inspiration this year and as a passionate advocate of local hand-crafted products, I am turning to our local shops and  Christmas Fairs.

On My Wish List
Silver fake fur throw from the White Company for my guest room, engraved Champagne coups from The Vintage List and a weekend away once Christmas fatigue has really set in (longing to try the Rose Prince cookery school and B&B).

As to the little question of budget, I have a financial recovery plan. I’ve recently signed up to the Digital Mums Social Media Management course, starting in January 2017. It’s an exciting, award-winning concept and I am hoping that after six months of training, a new career will bear fruit (and a very patient, generous husband will be rewarded).

by Lucy

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