A Shropshire lass who went away and a New Yorker who came to stay

My Ludlow Life: LA Jewellery

Unless you live in Ludlow, you wouldn’t know it is a town chock full of small businesses.  Behind the Jacobean and Georgian facades, down the scenic streets and cobbled alleyways, thrives a community of talented creatives.

They are artists, potters, chefs, restaurateurs, jewellery designers, book binders, beauticians and florists and they are Ludlow’s beating heart. For those visiting the area, the best placed to tell you about its ins and outs of our buzzing town are the people who work here.

To introduce these wonderful craftspeople, we will post an interview in our new column, “My Ludlow Life”.  Here we get the real low-down on life in Ludlow from those in the know.  

Our first interview is with La Jewellery proprietor, the lovely Lisa Anne.


Lisa Anne Dickenson (the “La” in La Jewellery) lived and worked in Wales for 15 years and still has a small design studio there. Now based in Ludlow, Shropshire on the edge of the Welsh Marches she believes wholeheartedly in the magic of the Marches landscape, seeking and finding endless inspiration in her surroundings.

large Fair trade heart (2)

Large Fairtrade Heart copyright La Jewellery

Q: What’s your connection to Ludlow? a) Are you an incomer (fell in love on a visit) b) A returner (grew up here, went away, glad to be back) or c) Have never left the Shire (why go anywhere else?)

LA: I am incomer and came here six years ago from Monmouth with my husband.  The first time I came to Ludlow was to present Eddie Izzard with jewellery at a charity event at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms. The second time, we helped a lady who worked for me to move house and that’s when we decided to stay.

Q: Finish the sentence: Living in and around Ludlow is the bees knees because…

LA: The energy is constantly changing, I love the fluidity. There’s a constant mix of new people, new energy coming in and out and a lot of creativity I find in Ludlow. There’s always something going on, there’s always something happening whether it’s a play or an exhibition or a shop launch, poetry evening.  There is so much to do here.

Q: Tell us something about Ludlow that no one else knows

We have our own beach!  The beach down at The Millennium Green.  When the water level falls below a certain level, a pebbly beach appears either side of Dinham Bridge.

Q: Your favourite haunt and why?

55 Mill Street with my grand-daughter on a Sunday afternoon, trying on frocks and hats and invariably coming out with some random purchase!

Q: What would your perfect day in Ludlow look like?

It would be having lunch with my daughter, Anastasia, at the French Pantry eating our favourite (Helen, the owner, will laugh when she hears this) French onion soup which they know as I never order anything else!

Q: Finally, your recommends: your top spot to eat, drink or visit in the area?

The French Pantry or The Parkway (a tapas bar run by two Spanish chefs) – their garlic prawns are to die for especially soaked up with a bit of bread and butter.
Who would you like to nominate for the next profile?  

Andy and Sarah Nash of Pepper Lane Gallery.


Lisa Anne at work in her studio copyright La Jewellery


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