A Shropshire lass who went away and a New Yorker who came to stay


Our Simple Spring Preen


It’s Springtime!

The countryside is dotted by the yellow of rapeseed fields and the daffodils dance lazily in the breeze.

Here in Ludlow, Lucy and I have decided that Spring heralds not just a new start for nature, it means we have to take our cue too.

All winter, we stuck our feet into thick socks and muddy wellies, our faces weathered and windswept by all those outdoor walks.

The extra padding that is so comforting in winter feels somewhat unwieldy now that the warmer weather has arrived.

We know that all too soon, we are going to have to expose elbows, knees, wobbly bits and toes to the elements.

So, we’ve put together a three-step pampering plan using what Ludlow and the surrounding area has to offer.

Step 1: Feet

We’re at the age where corns, calluses and bunions (gulp) call for serious attention so our very first stop is with local chiropodist, Kerry Banks (01584 891727).

Getting those cracks smoothed over is a blissful experience and once Kerry has worked her magic, we’re ready to get our feet noticed with a pedicure at one of our favourite salons: Nail Gallery and Vanilla Orchid.

We may be bumpkins but we still know our Nars Ikiru Pastel Blue from our Butter Majestic Red!


Step 2: Face

It may be a bit of mutton into lamb (excuse the Spring pun), but the face has been ignored all of winter and it is definitely time for renewal.

We’ve been talking about trying out the new spas at  Overton Grange and Fishmore Hall for months now so it’s time to stop procrastinating and book that much needed facial (the Light Lunch Spa Day Package at Fishmore is looking particularly tempting).


Step  3: Fitness

Winter was a time of stop/start training. There were weeks when the only exercise we had was shovelling food into our mouths. Now our elbows are suffering from bursitis (as we write this, we are tucking into a lemon scone and warm cinnamon roll at The Green Cafe).

The lack of training and willpower has to stop!

We both need a realistic goal to motivate us so this May we have signed up for the 26K Big Black Mountain Challenge walk in the Brecon Beacons (Claire calls it the ‘Big Break Me Challenge’ given our sporadic training schedule).

Not content with suffering alone, we’ve duped 15 other mums into taking part.  In the countryside, walking is the proverbial ‘killing many birds with one stone’; the best way of getting together with friends, motivating each other, socialising, gossiping, walking the dogs and exercising all at once.

There you have it. Three little steps to physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

IMG_0344Similarly, our home and garden are also in need of an uplift. Spring cleaning and tending to the garden feels right.

Once we’ve completed our simple steps, it will be time to dust off the Yellow Peril and head out to visit some local gardens.

First on our list:  Stockton Bury and Hampton Court for a bit of inspiration.  Watch this space…